1. Pomodoro app doesn't work or give any notify?

Some phones are unable to deliver alarm notification in the background unless you actively use your device at the time. Eg: Nokia, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Samsung or Huawei...

To fix this you need to:
Manually add your app to the list of apps that "are allowed to run in the background".

It's very simple, follow our steps:
1. Go to your phone's Setting
2. Enable Pomodoro's background alarm:
- You can find Protected Apps setting in: Battery & power or Security
- On popular devices, you can go:
> Battery & power saving
> Battery usage
> Ignore optimization
Ignore battery optimization for Pomodoro app

You can find detailed settings for your device here

2. How to custom notification?

We can custom sound of the notification by click on the bell icon, which is by the progress bar of timer šŸ„³

In office/library we can select "None/set volume to zero" to enable vibration only mode
If you have earphones, select the "Music" category so that the sound only plays in the earphones

  1. Click on Bell icon

2. Vibration only

3. Earphones mode